Our core offering, the 13 week Boost Sales Events Program, follows a series of tried and tested steps to grow your revenue.


An initial assessment of your unsold inventory and unutilised space is conducted.
This leads to the uncovering of inventory issues
and challenges.


We then advise on how to package
that inventory in order for it to be compelling and highly price competitive to
your target clients.  


These insights and customised media packages are then marketed in the form of a large scale, premium media exhibition, which assembles substantial numbers of new or irregular advertisers.


We showcase your platforms and use the power of a captive environment to commit these customers to a
12-month advertising plan that grows their market presence and drives your revenue.


The Boost Sales Events Program approach is revenue generation on a massive scale. Months of planning work results in thousands of sales meetings taking place in a controlled environment and an unsurpassed conversion rate. 

Press play on the video below to view the event for ARN Dubai along with a testimonial from Josh Busteed - Chief Commercial Officer ARN & MPN